Regular deep aeration is an important requirement for healthy root growth and is one of the most beneficial processes for grass sports surfaces. After de-compacting the ground, the roots can penetrate deeper into the soil resulting in better use of water and nutrients. Flow of water and air through the soil improves drainage, thatch is reduced and grass strength increases.

Aeration helps to:

  • Reduce the compaction of the soil
  • Improve drainage
  • Break down thatch
  • Encourage healthy root growth
  • Allow water, air and nutrients to have direct access to the root system
  • Increase root depth
  • Make grass surfaces become more drought resistant
  • Reduce water runoff
  • Stimulate soil microbes

HSI Ltd offers two methods of Aeration

Deep Vertical Aeration

The GXi8 HD TerraSpike will penetrate the surface up to 10” with a heaving action to break the subsoil beneath.


Deep Linear Aeration

The Linear Aerator (verti-quake) shatters the subsoil with a slicing motion.


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